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Aviation Days at York Airport takes Father’s Day to a whole new level

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Father's Day is taking off at York Airport.

Dads and their families were able to enjoy a ride in the sky over the weekend.

Richard Horn, from York, said, "This will be the first year we actually get to go up, so it'll be a new experience for both me and my daughter."

The event, called Aviation Days, allowed people to go up in a plane or helicopter during Father's Day weekend.

Children are excited to spend the day with their dads and take the fun of Father's Day to a whole new level.

Makenzie Horn, Richard's daughter, said, "It means the world to me because it's my dad, and I love him."

For some dads it was a peaceful ride.

Darius Mitchell, from York, said, "It was just a tranquil, nice time. It's just peaceful up there."

But some kids had a different experience.

Nathaniel Mitchell, Darius' son, said, "It was just fun. I'm having so many emotions running through me when I was up there."

Emily Mitchell, Darius' daughter, said, "I'm just really excited, and I want to go again."

Those kids were brave enough to take their love for their dads to new heights.

Aaron DeJesus, from West York, said, "My daughter didn't want to go up, but my son did. So Carter and I are taking a trip."

And all of them have a lot of reasons why they love their dads. The kids say the best part of Father's Day is the memories they will share.