Six-time DUI offender to serve 2-4 years in prison after guilty plea

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Manuel Maldonado

HARRISBURG — A repeat DUI offender will serve 2-4 years in state prison after pleading guilty Thursday to charges stemming from two separate DUI incidents last year, the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office said in a release.

Manuel Maldonado, 31, of Harrisburg, has six DUI incidents on his record, according to Deputy District Attorney Ryan P. Shovlin.

In the latest two incidents, Maldonado was driving under a suspended license.

In the first case, which happened in March of 2016, Maldonado was stopped by a Harrisburg police officer for a traffic violation. After being pulled over, Maldonado put his car into reverse and backed into the police officer’s patrol car. A search revealed Maldonado had spilled beer on his jacket — the beer evidently came from the open can of Colt 45 the officer found sitting in the vehicle’s cup holder.

In the second incident, which took place in June of 2016, Maldonado caused a five-car accident on Route 322 West, near the intersection of Paxton Street and Mushroom Hill Road in Swatara Township. Witnesses said that after the crash, they saw Maldonado exit his car, switch seats with a female passenger, and flee the scene. Swatara Township police traced the car’s registration to a Hall Manor address and located Maldonado and the passenger there moments later. The officer said both Maldonado and the passenger were drunk at the time.