Community members in York come together to help firefighters and neighbors

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YORK, Pa. -- Six people are out of their homes after a fire ripped through two row homes in York.

It happened on the 900 block of West Poplar Street.

It was a hot day for firefighters to battle the row-home fire.

Chad Deardorff, the deputy fire chief for the City of York Fire Department, said, "Obviously you know 80-degree day as compared to a 40 or 50-degree day is a significant difference on top of the heat. And the stress of fighting a fire with all your equipment on."

Fire officials said the fire broke out at 902 West Poplar and spread to 900.

People who live in the area quickly lent a helping hand to first responders.

Jaquae Wright, from York, said, "To give them water and make sure they're good. I mean that really helps out."

It wasn't just firefighters community members assisted.

The woman who lived in 902, Nickky Hetrick, said a neighbor helped her mother escape the flames.

Hetrick said, "It was all smoky, he went up in the kitchen, got my mom and brought her down."

She said the inside of the row home collapsed, and her neighbor is a hero.

Hetrick said, "If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even have my mom."

Members of a local church also pitched in to help people in the area.

Gretchen Zeltwanger, of West York, said, "We use this time to use the water and popsicles that we have from earlier leftover to give out to the firefighters and everybody that's out here right now."

Larissa Ranker, also of West York, said, "It feels that it's like our duty. We feel very helpful to them and we've gotten a lot of thank you's from them, and so it feels really good."

On a day like that one, firefighters said it's easy for them to tire quickly.

Deardorff said, "Neighbors have been offering us waters and drinks and shaded areas on their porch. It's very much appreciated."

And people helping out said it's important they all pitch in during these situations.

Wright said, "I mean it means a lot because it takes one person and then everyone else will follow."

Fire officials said they are still investigating the cause of the fire. Three adults and three children have been displaced.