Boys Club of York seeks financial and community support

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YORK, Pa. -- Boys Club of York has been around for more than 70 years, but organizers say its days of providing activities for kids could be numbered.

The football field at Noonan Park is home to the Boys Club of York Raiders, but the club that helps many at risk kids finds itself at risk of shutting down.

Iron Core Performance/Best QB Academy  quarterback specialist David Kennedy said "I grew up in Parkway Projects and it gave hope. I can remember just sitting in my bedroom just dreaming of playing football at the next level one day."

Boy's Club of York athletic director Josh Cook said "we're out here to help the kids grow, develop, not only to teach them the sports, let them have the building blocks that they need on the field, but also give them a nice start in life. Try to get them the right principles that they need."

Cook said the Boys Club had been mismanaged in years past and what it needs now to get the club back on track is community support.

"Its tough enough to get the kids out, but now that we've done that, we find ourselves in the need more for a financial boost if you will," Cook said.

"It's $12,000 to $15,000 from where we'd like to be, to know that we're secure to not only be able to continue through this season, but to put ourselves into a position where we know we can ensure growth," Cook added.

"It's a lot of rich tradition with the Boys Club of York. It's been around since like the 40s, and you can't talk to anyone in the city without mentioning this when you talk youth football," Kennedy said.

It's why quarterback specialist Kennedy, and former Boys Club of York Raider 'number 88' gives back to the community.

"Trying to set the example to some of these kids, that hey, you can be a true student athlete and you can make it in the world," Kennedy said.

"To help these kids be on the right track. Give them the tools, and the building blocks they need, not only for the sport of football, but the mentorship needed in life," Cook said.

Kennedy's back, this time as an adult and as a sponsor, bringing his football clinic to Boys Club of York.

"I'm with Iron Core Performance and Best QB Academy. This is my profession. We train pro-style. We have NFL clientele. We train from as small as the 8-year-olds, all the way up through college and NFL," Kennedy said.

"We would like for as many high school participants, as well as youth football to come out and represent, and bring awareness to this program," Kennedy added.

"We're always looking to build our partnerships and relationships, not only locally but nationally as well and absolutely, this is the first step this year for us to start putting ourselves on the right track," Cook said.

Money and sponsors aren't the only things Boys Club of York needs, it also needs kids and young adults to take part in its weekend football clinic.

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