Woman shot outside of grocery store in York, died from injuries

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YORK, Pa. -- A woman was shot after leaving Bev's Grocery on the corner of West Princess Street and South Belvidere Avenue in York.

Breana Grice, a neighbor who lives in York said, "We ran down, we saw a lady laying out, with her head she got shot from this side to her other side."

Police said Elizabeth Vega-Tirado was trying to cross the street when she was shot and later died from her injuries at the hospital.

Savannah Clark, of York, said, "It's sad. She was an innocent woman coming out of the store."

Officials believe two groups of people were exchanging gunfire when the woman was hit unintentionally.

Neighbors heard the shots and saw the aftermath.

Clark said, "I was coming across the street, I was sitting on my porch. I heard 3-5 gun shots. I looked over, the lady was just laying there."

Tamira Smith-Russell said she heard the gunshots,  "I knew the girl. She lives right around the corner in the alley and she has one kid."

Neighbors said the victim was shot through the head, and it could've happened to anyone.

Grice said, "There's too many kids that come out that store that could've got hit."

Some neighbors tell us they don't feel safe in this part of town, and the violence in the city needs to stop.

Grice said, "People just need to drop their guns and stuff. It's not cute. It's not funny."

York City Police said they do have some surveillance video of the incident, and are asking anyone with information to contact them, even if they do so anonymously.


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