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Ephrata police cite 11 motorists for ignoring Road Closed signs

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EPHRATA, Lancaster County — The Ephrata Police Department is issuing a simple reminder to area motorists:

If the sign says “Road Closed,” please don’t ignore it.

Police say they have responded to complaints of motorists ignoring posted Road Closed signs in a construction area on Glenwood Drive on Wednesday.

“Crews are doing significant roadwork on Glenwood Drive and need to have full use of both lanes,” said Lieutenant Chris McKim of the Ephrata Borough Police Department. “With traffic going through against the signs, it creates quite a safety hazard. “The well-being of our employees is paramount, and we are willing to take measures, including enforcement actions, to ensure that they can conduct their business in safety.”

11 motorists were cited for disregarding the Road Closed signs, police say.  The motorists each face a fine of $150.00 and a total cost of $170.00.

Construction is scheduled to continue through July 7th.