Woman sets new prime rib eating record at steakhouse in Wisconsin

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MILWAUKEE, WI.– A woman has set a new prime rib eating record at a steakhouse in Wisconsin.

Molly Schuyler sat down at Ward’s House of Prime ready to eat on Monday.

However, no one could anticipate what they were about to see.

When Schuyler was done, she had finished off 22 1/2 pounds of meat.

Schuyler is a competitive eater, who travels the country for her craft.

She had accepted an invitation from Ward’s, which has a list of people who have eaten large amounts of prime rib in a single sitting.

Although, owner Brian Ward says that Schuyler nearly doubled the previous record of 11.5 pounds set by a woman that hosts a Japanese Food TV show.

Schuyler’s portrait will go onto the wall, and may be there awhile.

In fact, she plans on breaking her own record.

“I will,” Schuyler said. “They said I could keep going until I wanted to stop, but then they ran out of food.”



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