Young girl with disabilities, donates hair to help others fighting their own battles

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Going under the knife 10 times at just 10 years old is the reality for one York County girl.
She has now gone under the shears to help other kids who are fighting their own battles.
It's become second nature,  going to Shriner's hospital in Philadelphia for a new brace on her arm, every year.

Ava bowman has undergone more than most of us will in a lifetime.

"There's a rod in my arm so they're kind of just deciding if they wanna do another surgery on me."

Through it all, Ava has come out stronger and more compassionate.

"If they didn't have hair I would give this to them."

Ava decided she wanted to cut her long locks out of love because she wanted to help other people.

With the help of a family friend, and a little persuading,  Ava was able to do exactly what she set out to accomplish-- help others.

Her mom didn't know Ava was going to do it! "She just kept bugging and bugging until one day she came with my mom and asked Jamie herself."

Jamie Zink with Bella Dzyn's salon in Springettsbury Township in York County was thrilled that Ava wanted to donate her hair to children fighting their own battles.

"She wanted to donate hers which I thought was awesome. It actually brings tears to my eyes thinking about it."

Ava cut nearly 6 inches off of her hair to donate to locks of love, an organization that helps children suffering from medical hair loss.

She says she isn't opposed to donating again, "If they become bald and they don't have hair then I can donate more hair"

So maybe now donating will also become second nature for Ava.

Jamie is blown away by the young girl, and what she has done. "She's a miracle... she's an inspiration for young kids that are sick."

Locks of love is always accepting hair donations to help financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.

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