The Dreadnought Brigade to perform in Long’s Park Summer Concert Series

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Lancaster, Pa.-- For more than 50 years, Long's Park has played host to some very talented musicians.

So as you are readying your lawn chairs and blankets to attend the summer concert series, The Dreadnought Brigade is getting ready for another 'feel good' show - this time they are taking over the park later this month.

The routine for the 4 guys making up the Dreadnought Brigade—is anything but mundane, and every bit a labor of love.

Ryan Shenk plays acoustic guitar for the band, “We are tryin to make people smile… We are just tryin to share a little bit of ourselves.”

Sharing their music is the easiest way for Ryan, Mark, Frank and Blake to express themselves creatively.

Shenk says playing in their community is a bonus for the band, “We always have a chance to play for old friends, and new friends.”

Mark DeRose is a singer, songwriter and guitarist for The Dreadnought Brigade, he says sometimes the crowd can be a challenge, and other times... “It doesn’t feel an ounce like work, and it is great and everybody’s digging it.”

Mark describe the music that he writes as “feel good” music that they get to put together and share with the masses.

“It pulls on Americana stuff… blues, rock, folk—there’s a twinge of southern rock and some mo-town in there.”

To add to their unique sound, a horn and drum group called ‘Big Boy Brass’ will be sharing the Long’s Park stage July 22nd with the Dreadnought Brigade.

“There’s about 5 to 6 horn players, so they will be joining us for 3 or 4 songs.”

While the addition of brass instruments will be something different for fans… It is actually something this band is rooted in.

All of the guys played together at some point, while in different bands… And Blake and Ryan also play brass instruments. So it was a no brainer for them to add that element to their upcoming show.

Shenk says in the past, the addition of the brass instruments was a hit, “I think people are going to love it. I know the way I heard it the first time we did it, I thought—well this is how I always heard it in my head.”

So, each show is another adventure for these guys and another opportunity for people to support local artists.

DeRose says he appreciates what the park does each summer, “The fact that they are supporting local music is tremendous, we’re honored to be a part of it. We think there’s no better place to sit in a lawn chair and hopefully if mother nature provides, the weather is good and it’s just chill, relaxed music.”

These guys are the epitome of relaxed when they are in a room together, or sharing a stage… Unless Mark is driving—then the band agrees, that is one part of the gig that makes them uneasy.

“Mark has a unique was of driving, and we have a unique was of commenting on it.”

Maybe it is Mark’s crazy driving, or the band’s history—one thing is obvious, these guys love what they do and the show is sure to be a memorable one.

“This is definitely the highlight of this summer.”

The Steven Courtney Band will be opening for The Dreadnought Brigade. The show starts at 7pm  on July 22nd at Long`s Park. It is free and open to the public.

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