PA Turnpike unveils partial amnesty program for those who owe back tolls

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HARRISBURG — If you owe any back tolls to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, you'd better pay up soon.

The PTC is warning 10,611 motorists with overdue toll violations and invoices that, under a new law, they could have their motor vehicle registrations suspended if they don't settle their debt, the organization said in a press release Wednesday.

Act 165, enacted last fall, provides stronger enforcement tools to all tolling agencies in the Commonwealth to ensure motorists who use a toll road or bridge pay what’s owed.

To that end, the PTC unveiled a partial amnesty program to encourage its top toll scofflaws -- motorists who together owe $17.1 million -- to pay now before the law kicks in on August 4.

Those at risk of suspension were mailed a total of 280,855 violation notices and invoices -- or more than 26 letters per scofflaw, the PTC says.

To learn more about the partial-amnesty program, or to check if you have unpaid PA Turnpike toll violations, visit To pay now, call 1-877-PennPass (877-736-6727)  from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays.

There will be times when callers wait in queue or may not be able to get  through on the first try. Callers can leave a message and will receive a return call within 24 to 48 hours.

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