Prevail Volleyball on the Court at USA Boys Junior Volleyball Championships

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COLUMBUS, OH- The double and triple (a) boys volleyball state champions both reside in York county, with Northeastern and Central York.
Perhaps the toughest road they have to get there,  is thru District-III.

One local club that combines talent from Lebanon, Lancaster, Dauphin and even Cumberland counties is Prevail. Based out of Palmyra   PA, this group of 14 and under kids represents the club at the U.S.A. Volleyball Junior Nationals in Columbus , OH.

They collect some of the best talent from Elizabethtown, Cedar Crest, Hershey, Lower Dauphin, Cocalico , and Manheim Central. They even go as far away as Mechanicsburg to form their teams.

According to coach Clark Scheaffer, a trip to the B-J-N-C is something to look forward to for everyone, involved with the team!

"You got California teams coming here and they are committed.  Kids will come in the day before to get warmed up so it's a different mindset here.  When they get a chance to compete against nationally, all the teams have to know that they can play at that level.  It's really rewarding and what they remember from this weekend and this week, they'll never forget."

Prevail's 14 and under boys team finished up their time in Columbus, Wedneday.
Thursday, we continue our feature series from the junior volleyball nationals on the Yorktowne club.
Stepping up to the big boys as we discuss what kind of showcase this tournament is for the best talent in the country.