Resolution revival: The wrong workout could be why resolutions fail

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York County, Pa-- On January 1st its nearly impossible to find a parking spot at your local fitness facility.

Fast forward 6 months, most people have given up their sneakers for slippers and have broken their New Years resolution of getting healthy.

Roughly half of Americans make resolutions. Half way through the year though, more than 90 percent of people break them, that's according to a survey by statistic brain.

It is no secret, we all go to the gym to get results. Mindy Quesenberry of My Fitness Quest says that staying in a mundane routine is enough to make anyone quit.  It is the monotony that will break you and your resolution. "If you stick with the same thing, one it gets boring, two your body will not change, you will stay the same."

So, maybe your workout is why you gave up on your goal. 

F.I.T. Club, which is part of My Fitness Quest is a small, intimate facility in Spring Garden Township, York County. It focuses on functional integrated training. It's a fairly new concept that may help you get back on track.

Mindy says, "we took small group personal training which is your one on one personal training just with more friends."

Mindy and the folks at My Fitness Quest sit with each individual and find out what their goals are and place them into one of the FIT concepts that work best for them.

"You've gotta just explore out there and find what works for you. Find your jam, like find your place."

You may want to swing into a more unconventional workout-- hanging upside down, from the ceiling, in a hammock might be for you.

Stacy Hammel is an aerial yoga instructor, she says the first step can be tough, but rewarding. "That's what it's about. Taking that little step forward into something new... yeah."

That little step could be through the doors of Yoga Home in Spring Garden Township, York County, to take an aerial yoga class. Defying gravity while putting your trust in the trusses and the teachers.

"The great thing about the yoga hammock is that it supports you, so there are a lot of postures that students have trouble with or struggle with on their mat."

The differences between aerial and mat yoga range from the playfulness to the benefits.

"Benefits could be elongating your spine, more length in the vertebrae because we do take away the gravity pushing down whenever we do any inversions."

If  aerial yoga is not for you and you're not feeling the namaste, maybe you're thinking 'nama-go workout elsewhere.'

Coach George McGinnis is the head trainer at York Mixed Martial Arts Academy in West Manchester Township, York County, "the styles that we offer here in my opinion are the styles that are the most applicable out there on the street."

He says people come in for a number of reasons. Some to train for self defense, for their health, and some train because of the hidden benefits of the sport.

"We are teaching you work ethic, we are teaching you how to be humble. We are teaching you how to work with a team and as individuals." 

No matter the motivation, Coach George says the accountability and encouragement at the gym is extremely important.

"We have good coaches that are here to encourage you just a little bit longer, push a little bit, I promise you're gonna be able to get there."

For some though, throwing on boxing gloves or shin guards can be a little intimidating.

"It's very understandable for somebody to be apprehensive, I personally was when I started."

Coach George says the nerves eventually settle, and it’s the rewards that make the workout worth it.

So perhaps one of these unconventional workouts will spark a little resolution revival.

Like anything, there are a number of different facilities that offer these different fitness services-- so do your research, find what works for you.

For more information on these facilities, click the links below.

My Fitness Quest:

Yoga Home:

York Mixed Martial Arts Academy:


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