“Jetting” down the Susquehanna River

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In certain stretches of the Susquehanna river in Dauphin County, the water gets so low that you need a special type of boat to travel over the rocks.
Some fisherman use air boats–just like the ones you see in the Florida Everglades!
Other fisherman, like the ones at Susquehanna Smallmouth Guides, glide over the rocks with jet boats.
Drew Anderson got to “jet” down the Susquehanna River on one of their boats live on FOX43 morning news right by the Dauphin Statue of Liberty.

Susquehanna Smallmouth Guide’s jet boat.

Drew said he has never gone so fast or had such a smooth ride on the water.
He also asked Joe Raymond, the owner and head guide at Susquehanna Smallmouth Guides, about what fish are biting right now.
Joe said, “the small mouth bass are biting really well.  We’ve had a few days recently where it tough to make a cast and not catch  a fish.”
Drew asked why you need a guide for the Susquehanna River, and Joe shared that guides usually know the exact spots where there are pools of fish in a given week.
If you’re interested in learning more about Susquehanna Smallmouth Guides, visit their website.