‘Upper-Level’ heroin dealer busted in Lancaster

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LANCASTER, PA. — A Lancaster man who detectives call an “upper-level” heroin dealer is charged with several felonies regarding a series of searches and surveillance details in recent weeks.
Angel D. “Fly” Galarza, 59, was charged and arrested after searches of his vehicle, storage unit, and safety deposit box uncovered large amounts of heroin and cash on July 5th.
The Lancaster County Drug Task Force, after an investigation that included surveillance of drug sales, found over 1,200 bags of heroin and $35,100 in cash.
The heroin has an estimated $15,000 street value, according to detectives.

Angel D. “Fly” Galarza

The Task Force charged Galarza with three felony counts of possession with intent to deliver. He is being held at Lancaster County Prison on a federal detainer.
Detectives say Galarza was primarily dealing in Lancaster city and surrounding municipalities.
The detectives executed the following searches in the past week:
– 1,260 bags of heroin were found in Galarza’s Chrysler, which was parked in the 900 block of Clark street;
– $12,700 cash was found in Galarza’s storage unit in Manheim Township;
– $22,400 cash was found in Galarza’s safety deposit box.
Detectives also determined that Galarza sold 182 bags and 126 bags of heroin in separate deals that were under surveillance.
Galarza, who has an East King Street address, is presumed innocent.

SOURCE: Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office