Glen Rock Borough Council, Lt. Commander Josh Corney issue statement addressing threats toward ‘Taps’ policy

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Lt. Commander Joshua Corney

YORK COUNTY, Pa.–The Glen Rock Borough Council and Lt. Commander Josh Corney have released a joint statement in hopes to end threats that are being made:

The Glen Rock Borough Council and Lt. Commander Corney would like to address the threats to their community, themselves and their families, and local businesses.  We all understand that this issue has stirred deep, emotional responses from the public regarding this matter.  Both Glen Rock Borough Council and Lt. Commander Corney agree that ensuring and maintaining peace and safety in their community is of the utmost importance. 
The Borough Council and Lt. Commander Corney are actively discussing and diligently working together towards a resolution that will be acceptable to all involved, and hope to have such a solution very soon. 
We respectfully request an end to the threats, vandalism, intimidation, hateful discord, and references to violence in order to allow us a safe place to reasonably discuss and consider the issues without fear of reprisal or retaliation.
Such threats of violence are contrary to what we are all trying to achieve, and they distract from the process of coming to a positive resolution of the matter for the entire community that will allow us all to honor our fallen veterans.

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