Poke bowls, bacon, and avocado toast are among the year’s trendiest delivery dishes, according to Grubhub

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Poke bowl (Getty Images)

Poke bowls, pretzel bites and avocado toast are among the trendiest delivery dishes so far this year, according to Grubhub.

The takeout and delivery website announced its analysis of the hottest food and delivery trends for the first half of the year. Its findings show people are loving bite-sized foods and are eager to try charcuterie, but also don’t mind going for classic favorites like chicken-fried steak and barbecue.

Grubhub’s data analysts looked at foods that climbed in popularity, using order data from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2017. In addition, analysts looked at spikes in popularity for dishes that were expected to rise in popularity, according to culinary reports published at the end of 2016.

According to Grubhub, the year’s trendiest delivery dishes are:

●      Poke bowls — 365% increase in orders

●      Bite-sized foods, like pretzel bites (238% increase in orders), mac and cheese bites (78% increase in orders) and mini corn dogs (76% increase in orders)


●      Chicken fried steak — 103% increase in orders

●      Avocado toast — 93% increase in orders

●      Grilled and traditional barbecued dishes, like barbecue beans (106% increase in orders), jumbo barbecue chicken wings (78% increase in orders) and sirloin steak (77% increase in orders)


In line with national culinary reports published in late 2016, these three dishes are on the rise:

●      Bowls — 32% increase in orders in 2017

●      Vegan dishes — 19% increase in orders in 2017

●      Charcuterie — 9% increase in orders in 2017

(Charcuterie is the branch of cooking devoted to meat products like bacon, ham and sausage — dishes that come primarily from pork.)

Trendiest Early Summer Foods (May and June):

●      Roasted brussels sprouts — 301% more ordered during summer 2017 vs. rest of the year

●      Pretzel bites — 98% more ordered during summer 2017 vs. rest of the year

●      Poke bowl — 96% more ordered during summer 2017 vs. rest of the year

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