Poll: Will Snapchat’s ‘Snap Map’ feature change the way you use social media?

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‘Snap Map’ is one of the latest features of a Snapchat update that lets you see where in the world your friends are snapping from.

While many view it as a harmless update feature, others are worried that this could be used in a harmful manner.

For one, if you don’t have yourself set to invisible or in “ghost mode”, you are automatically “opted in” to the feature, which uses GPS location to track where a user is and how they are traveling. You can make your location private by opting into “ghost mode” on the settings screen of the map.

For example, if you are traveling in a vehicle it shows people in a car when the phone senses they are traveling at a certain speed. The map shows street names and identifies buildings, offering detailed information about a user’s location.

The map also features “orbs” on the map indicating videos shared by other users who have public settings, which means you do not have to be friends with them to see what they are posting.

That means that if your profile is set to public, anyone with your Snapchat username would be able to see your activity.

Our question is, will Snapchat’s ‘Snap Map’ feature change the way you use social media?

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