Abandoned ship: a boat left on the road after a hit-and-run in York Co.

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WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Neighbors rushed outside after they heard a boat crash into a telephone pole on North Camp Street in Windsor Township.

Maria Stankiewicz, who lives in the area, said, "It sounded like metal being drug, something loud. And a loud bang. I opened the door, and I said, 'Call the cops we have a boat in our yard.'"

People who live in the area said it all started with a truck pulling a trailer with a boat on it. The trailer ended up hitting a car on West Main Street, and the back half of the trailer came apart.

Stankiewicz said, "Then they drug the boat on half the trailer and I guess when they tried to make a turn, it disconnected. The boat disconnected."

That boat, a 22-footer named "Last Can of Hoo Hash," hit a telephone pole on North Camp Street.

Jimmy Shaffer, a neighbor, said, "They wore the bottom of it because when the wrecker company came and picked it up, water ran out of the front of the bottom of the boat."

People who live in the area said the truck and the remaining half of the trailer drove up North Camp Street. Some neighbors were surprised to see the boat left behind.

Dale Brown, who lives in the township, said, "That was the first time I ever seen a boat dry dock in Windsor."

Others weren't as phased by it.

"There's nothing dull in this town," Shaffer said.

Stankiewicz said if it wasn't for that telephone pole, the boat would be in her yard.

"So my joke today was: It's all fun and games until the cops come and confiscate your Last Can of Hoo Hash," she said.

Neighbors said they think the boat was stolen. The Last Can of Hoo Hash is currently impounded until police finish their investigation.