Convicted Lancaster drug dealer will serve up to 50 years in prison

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David Lausell Jr

LANCASTER — A convicted Lancaster-area drug dealer will serve up to 50 years in prison for having a large stash of heroin and two pistols, which he possessed illegally, according to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office.

David Lausell Jr., 26, of the 700 block of Marietta Avenue, was sentenced to 26 to 50 years in prison for felony convictions of drug dealing, firearms possession, conspiracy, and other related charges. He was convicted in separate trials in April in Lancaster County Court. Assistant District Attorney Maria Cusick asked Lancaster County Judge David Ashworth to order consecutive sentences on the charges because they are separate distinct crimes.

Cusick said Lausell continued to run his drug-dealing operation while he was incarcerated. Lancaster County Drug Task Force officers seized $174,000 worth of heroin.

Lausell’s prior criminal record, which includes another conviction on drug-dealing charges, was also factored into sentencing, the District Attorney’s Office said.

When he was arrested on the most-recent charges, Lausell reportedly told police “Good luck finding all my money,” and “I can do five years standing on my head,” according to arrest documents.