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Hundreds of items to be auctioned off at Cumberland Co. Auction of Seized Assets in Carlisle

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CARLISLE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- Authorities in Cumberland County seized hundreds of items over the past couple years and are now auctioning them off. It's in an effort to bring in money to help solve future crimes.

A garage full of crime stories - all items involved with illegal activities in the county and seized by the district attorney's office.

Inside the garage at 1601 Ritner Highway in Carlisle, hundreds of items on display; authorities seized them from criminals over the past five to six years, according to officials.

"What are we going to do with it? Give it back to them? They've been convicted, acknowledge they've been convicted, and now what? We're going to give them back their fancy TVs and everything else?" said Jaime Keating, First Assistant District Attorney for Cumberland County.

Those goods, ready to be bid on. Keating says there's good reason to seize and sell criminals' assets.

"That individual is not paying taxes; he's living off the community itself and actually draining the community dry of its resources as well," said Keating.

There's TVs, gaming systems, a sword, gun scopes, a piggy bank, forged sports memorabilia, collectors' coins, and more - all with a back story.

"Each one of these pieces of equipment, everything from the stereo stuff to the coins to the watches to everything, each one of them tells a story," explained Keating.

According to Keating, officials only seize the goods that would've been bought with drug money or items somehow involved in illegal activity, which is how authorities seized an ATM.

"It was a wholesale dealer, so much so, that he had his own ATM so that he could charge fees to his drug dealers... to sell them drugs," stated Keating.

All items at the auction will be sold as is. The money raised goes back to the Cumberland County Drug Task Force, helping to fund things like police training, bullet proof vests, and Narcan.

"Right back into investigations, right back into saving money, so honest taxpayers don't have to foot the bill for that," said Keating.

Anyone interested in attending the auction will be allowed in at 8 a.m. to preview the items. The auction will begin at 9. Information on items and auction details can be found online.