Franklin wants to keep the Barkley genes in Blue and White if possible, he jokes

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CHICAGO -- Saquon Barkley has found much success at Penn State so far.

The junior running back has amassed over 2,500 yards on the ground in two seasons. Barkley, who received Big Ten football preseason honors on day one of the two-day media event, scored 25 rushing touchdowns in 2015 and 2016, combined -- 18 coming last season as a sophomore.

Head coach James Franklin would like to keep the Barkley genes in Blue and White, if possible.

"The genetics are strong, mom and dad did a great job," Franklin said of his running back. "I'm actually trying to figure out if its legal NCAA wise, (but) I want to send mom and dad on a romantic vacation and try to convince them to have more children because the Saquon thing has worked out pretty well."

Franklin was joking, of course, but he did mention how special Barkley and his family are to the program.