New immunization requirements for back to school start next week

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HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- This upcoming school year, there are new regulations going into affect that will change the time frame for students to get fully vaccinated.

Starting August 1st, students will have 5 days from the beginning of the school year to get all the necessary vaccinations. Previously, parents and guardians had an 8 month window from the beginning of the school year to make sure their kids were up to date on their immunizations.

This is an effort by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to help prevent the spread of disease.

If patients are not able to get their vaccines within the new time frame, the Department of Health says to provide the school nurse with documentation from the pediatrician with a plan to get the proper vaccinations.

There are some exemptions including philosophical, religious and medical. If students do not receive the vaccinations or fail to present the proper documents they may not be allowed to go to school.