Poll: Should restaurants be able to implement a one-drink limit for customers dining with children?

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A New York restaurant has implemented a new, controversial policy.

At the top of its menus – right next to the martini glass logo – is the rule, “One drink policy while dining with children.”

Peddlers Bar & Bistro in Clifton, NY, wants to keep people safe on the roadways.

Melisa Gravelle, general manager at Peddlers Bar & Bistro says, “We love children. Everybody loves children and children don’t have a voice.”

Gravelle says it’s that love that inspired the limit on how much alcohol those dining with children can have. The rule isn’t new – its been around since 2010 – but news of the unique approach to keeping patrons from driving drunk is getting attention on social media.

The wait staff at the restaurant says that it is generally not hard to enforce, but every now and then staff will have to deal with customers who have a hard time with the rule, according to WTEN.

“They do get berated at the tables and some come back very, very upset,” Gravelle said, “but the managers go to the table and they explain, we’re not picking on parents, it’s just something that we feel in our hearts is something that we can do in order to help.”

Our question is, should restaurants be able to implement a one-drink limit for customers dining with children?