Lancaster County fire company announces it’s deactivating its house siren, citing noise concerns

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NEW HOLLAND, Lancaster County — The Garden Spot Fire Rescue Company’s house siren has been silenced.

The fire company announced on its Facebook page earlier this week that the sirens will be deactivated, citing neighbors’ noise concerns and the declining need for a loud outdoor siren in the age of technology.

“In years gone by, the house siren was one of the ways that volunteers were alerted to a fire call,” the Facebook post read. “They had a (pager) in their residence, and if they were outside working the house siren would alert them to a call. Now, in the age of technology, with scanners, pagers, pre-alerts and text pages on phones that so many carry, volunteers no longer depend on the house siren to alert them to a call.”

Since volunteers no longer depend on the siren to respond to a call, the station said, there is no longer a need for the house siren. That, plus concerns for neighbors “who may have a child napping, a third-shift worker trying to get their rest…or simply exciting an elderly person” prompted the decision to deactivate them.

“We want to be good neighbors, respecting our community and the people that live here and not disrupt their lives when we’re called into action,” the post said.

The fire company said in its post that it’s aware some people enjoy the sound of the sirens, and there are no plans to remove them completely.

“The house sirens will stay in place (in case they’re) needed in the future, or used to honor a fallen firefighter who has answered the final call,” the post stated.