Homes and businesses in Steelton still evacuated near a Propane leak

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STEELTON BOROUGH, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa — Crews continues to work on scene of a gas leak in Steelton Borough.

Emergency officials evacuated up to 110 people Friday afternoon after a UGI crew was unloading the contents of a rail car into a storage tank when propane was released because a relief valve malfunctioned, according to officials.

UGI Energy Services spokesperson Kim Witmer says that crews are still on scene emptying the contents of the propane tank and will remain on scene to monitor the situation.

UGIES says that there is no health risk to people or the environment and the site is a safe state.

Area residents were evacuated to Steelton-Highspire Elementary School starting Friday afternoon. There is no word on when people will be allowed back into their homes and businesses. Emergency responders will determine when people can return.