Disaster Response Team helps clean out damaged homes in Dauphin Co.

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MIDDLETOWN, Pa. -- Basements and streets in parts of Central Pennsylvania flooded after severe storms swept through last week and again Friday night.

A group of veterans, first responders and volunteers, called Team Rubicon, arrived in Middletown after Dauphin County Emergency Management reached out to them for help.

Vladimir Tamashiro-Loma, with Team Rubicon, said, "In the wake of the fierce thunderstorms that occurred a few days ago: providing muck out services, debris removal and damage assessment services to the community of Middletown."

Many of the volunteers are military veterans and want to keep helping communities even after they retired from the service.

"Give our veterans who lose that sense of purpose when they take off their uniform a renewed sense of purpose in still serving their country," Tamashiro-Loma said.

Sunday they helped picked out debris in people's basements in Middletown, and residents like George Green were extremely thankful.

Green said, "They're just cleaning up what I didn't get, and it's quite a bit down there yet you know."

The flooding was so bad, cars were stuck in the roads, and homes were damaged.

"It was so deep the kids were swimming in the water," Green said.

He said the water was waist-deep in his basement and came halfway up the stairs.

"It picked up up my refrigerators and just floated them around like feathers," he said.

He added if it weren't for Team Rubicon, the damage left behind could have been worse.

"It's indescribable. I am very happy because I don't know what I would've done," he said.

Volunteers with the team said they plan to be in Middletown for the remainder of the week. This weekend they've already cleaned out about 10 homes.

If you need assistance in Dauphin County, Team Rubicon asks that you call  717-559-0239.