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DA: Troopers justified in shooting North Hopewell Twp man who fired on them

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YORK, Pa. — York County District Attorney Tom Kearney says the State Troopers who shot and killed a man in Hopewell Township in April were justified in their use of deadly force. On April 24th, around 3:30 a.m., troopers were dispatched to 254 Hollow Road, to investigate a strange call made by George Becker, who lived at the address. According to the D.A.’s report, Becker, 79, told the 911 operator that he had “killed Satan” and that the guns were at his feet. He also said he may have killed his neighbor with a bullet that went through his kitchen wall.

Becker went on to give another name for Satan, George Xavier, and explained that other people would not be able to see the body. According to Becker, Xavier lived in his house  and had killed his wife in the 90’s because she was having an affair. Becker told the dispatcher he was able to see people’s auras and the auras coming out of their heads. He told the dispatcher he had guns.

The dispatcher kept Becker on the line while State Police and an ambulance were dispatched to the address for a person with possible psychiatric problems. When four troopers arrived just before 4 a.m., Becker came outside on his front porch with a loaded 9mm pistol in his hand. According to the report, he ignored several commands from the troopers to drop the weapon. As Trooper Thomas Wright continued to talk with Becker, Becker reportedly pointed the gun three times at the troopers. Becker then fired the gun in Trooper Wright’s direction, at which point the troopers returned fire, scoring several hits on Becker. As the troopers approached BEcker on his porch, he fired again, and the troopers responded in kind. Becker died on the porch.

Becker had a call history. On April 16th, troopers were sent to check on him after he had called New York Police and claimed to be a psychic and saw a nuclear device being detonated in the financial district. The trooper reported at that time that Becker appeared to be delusional about his ESP abilities and a strike on NYC. Otherwise, he was fine. Then on April 20th, Becker had reportedly texted his sister that he was going to commit suicide. Troopers reported Becker was sleeping and did not intend to harm himself or anyone else, and he was on multiple medications.

Inside the home, investigators say they found numerous religious, spiritual and occult books and writings on a table. There was also a journal in which Becker detailed investigations he’d conducted on various people. There was a list of prescription medication he was to take on his kitchen cabinets. The medications listed were Niacin, Terazosin, Simvastatin, Losartan and Metermen.  There were multiple firearms located in the kitchen in the cabinets in baskets and in corners. More firearms, bullets and holsters were located throughout the residence hidden in different places, as well as a large bag of opened and unopened medicines from the upstairs room in a hope chest. There was blue painter’s tape on the walls in what appeared to be some type of hieroglyphics throughout the home. In the attic, the walls were painted half green and half purple with red crosses painted on the east and west wall.   There was also a cat located in the residence. The humane society responded and took custody of the cat.


Kearney says it is, “beyond question that their fear of immediate serious bodily injury or death was reasonable.  Accordingly, their use of deadly force in response to Mr. Becker’s conduct was justified and no criminal action would lie.

The cause of death is determined to be multiple gunshot wounds. The manner of death is determined to be justifiable homicide.  The matter is now closed.”