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Furry Friends with Pow Wow, the Pit Bull Terrier

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YORK COUNTY, Pa.-- Today's Furry Friend is Pow Wow the Pit Bull Terrier from the Humane Society of Harrisburg.

Pow Wow is a fun, energetic girl with a big heart.

She is a quick study, and would be able to adjust to a new family quickly.

Pow Wow would need plenty of regular exercise to help me from becoming worked up or anxious.

She would be a great companion for someone who lives an active lifestyle, and should be a fit to live with kids over the age of 12, as she sometimes can play roughly.

Pow Wow would not be a fit to live with cats, and is sometimes "on alert" with dogs upon first meeting them. Living with another dog would depend on that dog's personality, and they would have to meet previous to adoption.

Obedience classes would be encourage for Pow Wow, but she is a pleasure to work with.

For more information on Pow Wow, you can check her out here.