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Woman helped by passer-by after vehicle got stuck in water on Arsenal Boulevard in Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A woman was helped by a passer-by after her vehicle got stuck in water this afternoon on Arsenal Boulevard in Harrisburg.

The driver's husband says she was following a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation truck when the car's transmission gave out.

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The woman got out through the back-seat, driver-side window with the help of a bystander. The husband says his wife is doing OK.

There is a PennDOT facility across the street from where the flooding happened, so crews were quickly able to shut down the road.

Water has since receded and Arsenal Boulevard between 17th Street/Pine Drive and Herr Street is back open.

This incident comes just two days after flooding prompted a swift-water rescue in Harrisburg on Wednesday.

Flooding also impacted traffic just down the road from this incident, on Maclay Street west of the intersection with Cameron Street, in front of the Farm Show complex. The water blocked one of the city's only east-west routes across the railroad tracks.

"I just came out of the house and had to go to Uptown Plaza up on 7th there and apparently there's no other way to go so through the water I went," Greggory Shaub, a resident, said.

The complex is hosting the Mecum Auto Auction this weekend, and getting the classic cars and trucks indoors became a struggle.

"We were back here during the auction when it was coming down and the water was up into people's doors, people were driving through making waves," Daniel Reall, a Maryland resident who bought a modified classic truck at the auction, said. "We watched a guy with a 40th anniversary Corvette open his doors, water came out, so it was pretty deep back there."

"I knew when I came out for lunch that these storm drains were no longer taking water," Jeff Ray, another auction attendee, said. "The river was high enough and it had no place to go, so yeah, it definitely got flooded out. I guess it's an act of nature."