World War II veterans soar high above Cumberland County in a 1940’s Boeing Stearman

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NEW CUMBERLAND, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- A thank you from the clouds to some local War World II veterans and their families as a number of them fly high above Cumberland County in a 1940's era training plane.

Paul Brinton is an 89-year-old army sergeant who served in World War II. He prepares to take off in this 1940's boeing stearman at Skyport Aviation. He says he feels, "a little anxious".

Thumbs up, though.

Take off, and Brinton soars 1,500 ft. above his hometown, finishing the flight smiling ear to ear.

"Much better than I thought it would be. It was a pretty smooth ride," said Brinton.

Brinton's one of a few who soared high above the county, leaving the Bethany Village retirement home and taking to the skies.

"The glee and the joy and the absolute awe on their faces whenever they taxi back after their flight has been everything," said Susan Crossley, Director of Community Life, Bethany Village.

Flying in one of these World War II training planes is like taking a ride in a convertible at 75 mph, except in the air, and it puts a giant smile all across the veterans faces.

"Footloose and fancy free!" laughed Brinton.

One of those veterans, Richard Baeshore, actually took control of the plane as he's a skilled pilot, accruing 300 flight hours in the Army Air Corps in the 1940's.

"It was really fun. I kind of missed it," Baeshore smiled.

The veterans have the opportunity because of Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, an organization run by volunteers like Tim Newton, who donates his time and piloting skills to make the flights possible. Skyport Aviation partnered with the organization to make it possible too.

"It brings joy to us. We have more fun than they do. I really think we do," said Newton.