Canines put their life-saving skills to the test in York County

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MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Canine's put their water rescue skills to the test Sunday at Codorus State Park in York County.

The Newfoundland dogs showcased their ability to rescue stranded swimmers through intense testing.

In order to become certified, participating dogs had to rescue a drowning victim, tow a boat to shore with people inside and carry life saving equipment.

"We try to be very very positive with the dogs, because the dogs have to enjoy what they are doing. They do have the basic instinct for things, but we have to mold that," said Rosemary Miller, vice president of Colonial Newfoundland Club.

Due to their webbed feet, Newfoundland's are considered some of the best canine swimmers.

More than 20 Newfoundland dogs took the test over the course of the weekend.