Lewisberry landlord arrested for allegedly threatening tenant with table leg during argument

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Douglas Brandon Todd Usko

FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP — An intoxicated landlord was arrested by Fairview Township police after allegedly threatening his tenant with the leg of a coffee table and a baseball bat during an argument, according to a criminal complaint and court documents.

Douglas Brandon Todd Usko, 56, of the 400 block of Stage Road, Lewisberry, is charged with terroristic threats and simple assault in connection with the incident, which happened August 4.

Police were summoned to the Usko’s residence at 7:23 p.m. The victim, Ramil Kismat, told police he rented a room at the residence, and that Usko was his landlord. He said Usko threatened him during an argument.

The victim told police he arrived at the home to find Usko intoxicated and upset. Usko allegedly began breaking items inside the home. Kismat said he tried to avoid Usko by going to his room, but Usko allegedly came to his door and threatened to assault him. When Kismat closed the door, Usko returned with a table leg he had broken from a coffee table and began striking the door with it, according to the criminal complaint.

Kismat told police he tried to leave, but Usko continued to threaten him, telling him he had a gun and would shoot him. Kismat went outside the home to call police, and Usko allegedly came toward him carrying a baseball bat. He retreated when Kismat began taking photos of him, the criminal complaint says.

Police spoke to Usko, who was still allegedly intoxicated at the time. He told police that Kismat was a tenant and an employee at his construction remodeling business. Usko allegedly said he was angry because Kismat was not as skilled at construction as he had portrayed.

Usko also told police he was drinking to deal with depression, and that Kismat had “judged” him, which made him angry. He allegedly admitted to threatening Kismat.

Usko was arrested and arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Scott J. Gross on August 5. Bail was set at $5,000. A preliminary hearing is set for September 16, court documents show.