National Frozen Custard Day

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Today is National Frozen Custard Day.

If you've never had frozen custard, it's creamier, richer, and thicker than ice cream.

Rita's in Gap, Lancaster County says they sell more frozen custard on cloudy and cool days.

On hot day's they sell more Italian water ice.

We asked Rita's franchise owner Debbie Pierce how else frozen custard is different than ice cream.  She Said, "It's healthier for you. It's got the egg, it's got the protein and it doesn't melt nearly as fast​."

Frozen custard at Rita's

Drew Anderson put her melting point to the test on FOX43 morning news.

He was surprised that ten minutes after getting a frozen custard, it had not melted at all.

He also asked Debbie why she thinks they sell so much on cloudy and cool days, and she said it's comfort food.

A small custard is on sale at Rita's for 99 cents all day--for National Frozen Custard Day--at most locations.