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PA natives sworn in as probationary firefighters

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YORK, Pa. -- York City has two more firefighters on the job.

Lawrence Pacl and Zachary Calvert, both Pennsylvania natives, were sworn in Tuesday as probationary firefighters. Pacl outlined what it took to become a sworn member of the fire department.

"The process was about a year and a half," he said. "First it was application status, then it was an exam, after that it was followed by interviews, as well as a physical fitness test, and then waiting to see how you ranked."

Pacl says he immediately accepted the job when he received an offer. He grew up in Red Lion and enlisted with the U.S. Marines, where he rose to the rank of sergeant. Pacl also holds a bachelor's degree from York College.

Calvert is from northeastern Pennsylvania, and has worked as a part-time firefighter and state-certified EMT.

During their first months with the York fire department, both men will be mentored by senior firefighters.