Recreation tax to take effect in 2018 for Chambersburg residents

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. — Chambersburg residents will be an additional tax in 2018.

In September 2016, the town council approved the recreation bond sale for $9.75 million for a number of park projects, including Memorial Park pool.

At the council meeting Monday evening, Borough Manager Jeffrey Stonehill issued a reminder that a Borough-wide assessment of $3 million of property tax, or about $50 per year for the average single family home, will be needed to pay off the bond.

A full list of park projects can be seen on Chambersburg’s website.

Construction for the new pool is progressing on schedule and the grand opening for the new facility should take place around Memorial Day 2018, according to the release.

Annual fees for the facility have not been decided upon but the council hopes to keep the cost about the same as the old pool. The release adds that the new pool will have a lot of new programming and activities, especially for families that cannot afford to buy annual memberships.