Sunny through Thursday

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Sunny skies encore Wednesday and Thursday.

SUNNY WEATHER: Soak up that sun Wednesday and Thursday.  With a robust area of high pressure sitting over us on Wednesday, we’ll hardly see a thin, high cloud in the sky as highs reach the mid 80s in the afternoon.  You won’t notice any humidity, either.  It gets just a touch humid on Thursday, but it will still feel pretty good and look pretty good!  Enjoy partly sunny skies and highs in the mid 80s again.

STORMS RETURN: Now, Friday, it will  feel pretty humid.  We’ll have cloudy skies for most of the day, and some scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the day, particularly in the afternoon.

It will feel very humid this weekend.

WEEKEND WEATHER: On Saturday, we’ll have more scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon.  If you have plans outside, it will really feel humid.  This also means that the storms will be heavy rainers.  So, be prepared for a storm or two to fire up over you if you’re outside all day.  Otherwise, you’ll stay dry for most of the day.  Then, on Sunday, a lot of us stay dry all day.  Only a few spots get a shower or thunderstorm.  Though, it’s still humid.  Highs hang out in the low to mid 80s all weekend.

Expect a few storms this weekend, particularly on Saturday.

HEAD’S UP: This weekend is the annual August meteor shower.  We’ll see the most “shooting stars” Friday and Saturday night because the shower peaks midday on Saturday.  Saturday is the better night for viewing because it will be less cloudy than Friday night.  Yet, we’ll still have some clouds in the sky on Saturday, but it’s worth going out.  This is the best and most active meteo shower of year, so I bet you’ll see a meteor!

Saturday night is a better night to see the meteor shower.

NEXT WEEK: Dry, sunny skies return in full force on Monday, and they stay through at least Wednesday of next week.  We’ll be a bit less humid on Monday, and then you’ll notice a big difference on Tuesday: it will feel pretty comfortable then.

We’ve got 80s across the board in your 7-day forecast.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson