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Christiana man will serve life in prison for murdering roommate in 2016

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Lucas Newnam

LANCASTER — A Christiana man found convicted last week of shooting his roommate in the chest with a shotgun in 2016 will spend the rest of his life in prison after being sentenced by a Lancaster County judge on Wednesday, according to a release from the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office.

Lucas Newnam, 32, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of 26-year-old Julius Dale last Friday. Lancaster County Judge Donald Totaro called Newnam “a cold-blooded murderer” before issuing the life sentence, the DA’s office said.

“You thought you could outsmart the jury,” Totaro reportedly told Newnam. “You were wrong.”

The murder occurred on May 27, 2016, at Newnam’s home on Creek Road.

Newnam argued that he was in fear for his life when he shot Dale during a confrontation. Dale was armed, but witnesses testified that he did not make any threatening moves toward Newnam, nor did he draw his weapon. It was Newnam, witnesses said, who was angry and acting aggressive.

“The evidence was overwhelming,” Judge Totaro said, “in showing this was a premeditated, intentional killing… This was first-degree murder.”