VIDEO: West York football gets creative at practice with former Navy SEAL

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West York, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- High school football is in full swing this week,  with the heat acclimation period.  For players it is not a fun time to be out on the field spending hours in the blazing heat or early morning hours prepping their bodies for the grueling grind of the season.

Coaches know that the minds of their players may tend to wander instead of being focused,  so they look for creative ways to reach their players.  No team got more creative than the West York Bulldogs,  who brought in Brett Hess, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, to put the blue and white through some unique training exercises.

FOX43 was there to capture the morning workout, but we weren't brave enough to partake, so we just watched from a distance  as a watered down version of B.U.D.S (Basic Underwater Demolition/ Seal) training took place on the West York practice field.