Kids sell lemonade with ‘Good Intent’ in Schuylkill County

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. -- As police try to track down the suspects who burglarized a fire department in Branch Township, folks are stepping up to help the firefighters -- including a group of children.

Two different groups of kids are selling lemonade to benefit the Good Intent host Company, according to WNEP.

When the firefighters heard about the fundraiser, they wanted to thank the kids for their generosity.

"I think what the kids are doing is great, helping out the community and learning about what the community is all about," said John Bushar, Good Intent Fire Company.

Over the weekend, the Good Intent Fire Company's firehouse was broken into. Thieves got away with cash, the surveillance system, and caused a lot of damage.

This all comes after the fire department held its largest fundraiser of the year on Saturday.

The firefighters believe someone broke in to try to steal the fundraiser money.

When the kids who run a lemonade stand called "Cafe Kurtek" on Delaware Avenue heard about the bad news, they wanted to help.

"Since they were robbed, we thought they deserved money back so we opened up for a day to give them their money back," Ayden Kurtek explained.

They've been running their lemonade stand for about two years now. Half of their tips go to causes all across the area.

Their parents are proud of them for being so generous.

"Every day they amaze me," said William Kurtek. "They're members of the Boy Scouts. They like to do whatever they can to help out their community."

This lemonade stand inspired another lemonade stand down the street to do a similar thing. Four other children also set up a lemonade stand. A part of their profits is going to the firefighters, too.

"We really like helping out people and we like the firefighters because they help rescue our people," said Anthony Bowers.

The Good Intent Hose Company has set up a GoFundMe to try to raise money to replace what was stolen and damaged.

If you have any information on who broke into the firehouse you're asked to call police.

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