Walmart shoppers in Hanover react to controversial back to school sign above a gun case

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HANOVER, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- "Own the school year like a hero" -that's what a sign reads, just another back to school display at a Walmart... until you notice what's below it.

"I saw it on Facebook, actually. It's above a rack of guns," said Chris Knox of Hanover.

That's right - above a hunting rifle display case at an unidentified Walmart, according to store officials.

"What do I think? I personally think it's harmless," added Knox.

"I think people make too much of a lot of things. Just overreact," said Terry Jacobson, who lives in Arkansas but visits Hanover.

"I think it sends a message you're supposed to take a gun to school. Why would you put that over a stack of guns?" said Laurie Kuhn of Hanover.

Some people we spoke with in Hanover say the sign could’ve been an innocent mistake - others want to know how it got there and worry about the message it could send children.

Walmart says the sign has been taken down, but it's still prompting a serious discussion about guns and firearm rights.

"I mean with the school shootings and all that I can see that being an issue, but I mean your second amendment rights about being able to own guns," stated Knox.

"I think for people that are still learning what's right and what's wrong. To them, that's saying take a gun to school," said Kuhn.

Jacobson says the sign is something she could see in a Walmart back home.

"Where I live, a lot of people have guns, it's not a problem. They teach their kids to shoot guns," she said.

Walmart apologized for the sign on twitter, calling it, "a regrettable situation" and says, "it would never be acceptable in any of our stores." Kuhn just wants to know how it got there.

"I believe management of the store should be held responsible for something like that because the managers run the store. They should be going around the store and checking things. That should not have been there," she added.

Walmart has not said which store location was involved in the incident and that they are still investigating.

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