Are you missing a large, green, leafy plant? Dauphin County sheriff hopes you’ll stop by and claim it

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HARRISBURG — What a Good Samaritan.

Dauphin County Sheriff Nick Chimienti Jr. posted a message on his Facebook page Friday afternoon, hoping to reunite a missing plant with its owner.

According to the post, deputies from the Dauphin County Sheriff’s Officer were serving a warrant Thursday when they found a large, green, leafy plant located in a common area.

When the deputies asked who the plant belonged to, none of the homeowners, neighbors or bystanders in the vicinity seemed to have any idea who its rightful owner might be.

So Chimienti posted his message on Facebook, hoping the owner will come forward. He even posed for a picture with it. The fact that he’s holding a pair of handcuffs in the photo is undoubtedly just a coincidence.

If the plant belongs to you, Chimienti writes, “please report to the Sheriff’s Office or the Harrisburg Police Department, so we can file the proper paperwork for the return of your missing property.”

What a guy!