A sunny week ahead

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We'll have sunny, quiet weather for the next few days.

SUNNIER SKIES: Enjoy a mostly sunny Sunday and seasonal high in the low 80s.  We get the same weather again on Monday.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, we still have sunny skies, but the high temperature climbs a bit each day.  Look for 82 on Monday, 84 on Tuesday, and 86 on Wednesday.

LESS HUMID: The strong storms that crossed over us on Saturday came with a cold front.  This cold front is the reason we have a much less humid Sunday.  It does get a touch more humid on Monday, but it won’t be too bad.  It’s Tuesday when you’ll really notice the humidity, and it stays through Thursday.

It gets more humid as we get to the middle of the week.STORMY WEATHER: Scattered showers and thunderstorms return Thursday afternoon, and we’ll have a few leftover storms on Friday.  We’ll have a hot and humid 88 on Thursday.  The storms do come with a weak cold front, so the high temperature and humidity lowers for Friday.


Look at all of those sunny skies!

NEXT WEEKEND: Next weekend looks partly sunny, and seasonal again with highs in the mid 80s.  The weather also looks sunny for the eclipse on Monday, 8/21.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson