Breast cancer survivors lead human chain of bras from City Island into Harrisburg

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CITY ISLAND, Pa. -- If you were by Harrisburg this evening, you may have seen an interesting sight near City Island: nearly 200 people parading more than 1,000  bras from FNB Field into Harrisburg.

They collected the bras at FNB Field and made a human chain with them. Breast cancer survivors led the march.

The event's called Bras Across the Bridge and it's hosted by the Feel Your Boobies Foundation which empowers young women to self check. Money raised from the event goes back to the foundation's College Outreach Program which helps colleges educate young women on breast education.

"We're really proud of being able to make sure our message is in front of those young women, and our message tends to work better than the traditional message because it makes them giggle and chuckle, but it really is a call to action to make them pay attention and feel their boobies," said Leigh Hurst, Founder of Feel Your Boobies and a breast cancer survivor.

Hurst says she's proud to celebrate 13 years of the foundation and the third year of the Bras Across the Bridge. As for the bras, she says they donate them to thrift stores and other non profits.