80s all week

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Expect highs in the 80s this week, which is very seasonal for this time of year.

WARM WEATHER: All this week, we’ll have highs in the 80s.  We start on the low end of the 80s on Monday.  Then, we gradually climb to the high end on Thursday.  Next weekend, we’ll have highs in the mid 80s.

SUNNY WEATHER: Even though we turn cloudy Monday afternoon, we’ll see a lot of sun this week.  We turn partly sunny by Tuesday afternoon, stay sunny all day Wednesday, and start out sunny on Thursday.  We’ll see some sun on Friday, and we’ll have a sunny weekend.

We’ve got 80s across the board.

HUMID WEATHER: We’ll have a pretty humid week.  It gets more humid on Monday and even more humid on Tuesday.  Thursday will feel the most humid outside, and while the humidity will lower a bit for the weekend, you’ll still notice some humidity this weekend.

We stay pretty humid this week.

TRACKING SHOWERS: Even though a few spots will get a shower Monday evening, most of us will stay dry.  But, on Thursday afternoon, most of us get a thunderstorm or shower.  These storms will have some heavy rain because of all of the humidity in the air.  A few showers will linger Friday morning before we dry out in the afternoon.

Bring the umbrella Thursday and Friday.

NEXT MONDAY: It’s time for the eclipse.  At 2:40 P.M., you’ll see a crescent sun in our skies.  The moon will block out about 77% of the sun at the time, just leaving the top part of the sun visible.  The moon will start obstructing the sun shortly after 1 P.M. as it heads toward blocking out 77% of the sun at 2:40 P.M.  The moon will stop blocking any part of the sun by 4 P.M.  Expect partly sunny skies and temperatures around 80.

The eclipse takes place on Monday, August 21.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson