Bloomsburg radio personality in hot water after YouTube video shows him attending Virginia alt-right march

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BLOOMSBURG -- Advertisers are leaving a Bloomsburg radio station after a host of one of its evening shows posted video from a white supremacist rally at Charlottesville, Virginia on YouTube.

Dave Reilly, who also serves as director of new media for WHLM radio in Bloomsburg, is seen attending the "Unite the Right" rally in the YouTube video. He also reportedly tweeted controversial statements while at the rally, but those tweets have since been made private, according to a post by WNEP-TV.

At least two of the radio stations sponsors have reportedly deserted the station, according to WNEP. One of those is Bloomsburg University, which released a statement that said, in part, that "the university cannot continue to partner with an organization that condones such actions."

Bloomsburg University's football games are also broadcast on WHLM, the WNEP report says. College officials were expected to meet Tuesday afternoon to discuss if WHLM will still broadcast the university's football games, according to WNEP.

Other advertisers that left WHLM are the Turkey Hill Brewing Company and G.S. Woods Financial Solutions, according to WNEP.

Blaise Alexander GMC of Bloomsburg has also pulled future advertisements, according to WNEP.

WHLM, which is owned by Columbia Broadcasting, said in a statement that the station "has never condoned racism, bigotry, or hatred toward anyone or any group," according to WNEP.

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