Penn State Personality: Barkley and McPhearson talk Spanish class

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CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. — Preseason and specifically Media Day is our chance to showcase some of the personality of Penn State’s football players. What I like to do is have one of the players pick a teammate and give me a question to go ask their buddy. The answers rarely disappoint. Junior RB Saquon Barkley had me ask Senior RB Josh McPhearson about their attempts at Spanish class.

"The Spanish class that me and Saquon had was four hours long, very intensive," explained McPhearson. "Saquon was my oral exam partner. Every time we had oral exams, speaking and having conversations, we did well. I think it's because of Saquon. He was the one asking the questions and I would answer them."

Given the opportunity for a follow up question, I asked Josh if he was pretty fluent at this point.

"I wouldn't say I'm fluent. I'm not even OK, I barely got past that class."

Josh did add that he's confident he could travel in a Spanish-speaking country if he had someone else with him. The Nittany Lions host Akron for their season opener on Saturday, September 2nd in Beaver Stadium.

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