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Accused dealer had heroin stash in his sock at Ephrata Walmart

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Ulloa stash in sock

LANCASTER, Pa. —  An alleged Harlem-based heroin dealer was recently caught bringing bulk heroin to Lancaster County, according to the Lancaster County Drug Task Force. Jose L. Ulloa, 45, was arrested on Aug. 16 at the parking lot of Walmart in Ephrata.

Detectives say they found 50 grams, nearly 2 ounces, of bulk heroin inside a sock in an overnight bag. (Bulk heroin is not broken down and bagged for small-dose sales.)

Jose L. Ulloa

Ulloa was arraigned the next morning on two felony counts and bail was set at $400,000, which was not posted. The Task Force filed charges, with approval from Assistant District Attorney Barry Goldman.

Detectives estimated the street value of the seized heroin to be between $13,000 and $15,000.

The arrest followed a two-month Task Force investigation. Ulloa was considered a source for suppliers in Lancaster County.

“This arrest closes an avenue for potentially-fatal poisons to be distributed in Lancaster County neighborhoods,” District Attorney Craig Stedman said of the bust. “The significance of these investigations can not be understated.”

Ulloa is presumed innocent. The investigation is ongoing.

SOURCE: Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office