East Pennsboro Middle school students get opportunity to see solar eclipse

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EAST PENNSBORO TWP., Pa. -- East Pennsboro Area Middle School teachers were excited to give their students a first day of school that won't be overshadowed.

Steve Bodley, a physical science teacher at the school, said, "If it would've been happening a day later or a day before, it just wouldn't be the first day. It's a great way to bring the kids back here."

While students at some other schools were dismissed early or had to stay inside during the solar eclipse, administrators at East Pennsboro gave their middle school students in Cumberland County an opportunity to come out and have the ultimate teachable moment.

Kelli Beaver, a parent of two middle school children, said, "They will take every opportunity to give these kids instructions and to give them experiences that are going to benefit them down the line and obviously to increase their knowledge base."

Brandon Liddick, an eighth-grader, said, "It's a great experience that we're fortunate enough to have because a lot of schools in the area are not going to have this opportunity."

The students were given solar eclipse glasses and special instructions on when to look toward the sun while out in the field.

Liddick said, "I'm really excited because we're going to be with all of our peers, and we are going to be able to experience it together."

For the teachers, they know that experiences is one their students will never forget.

Bodley said, "We have opportunities to actually make a change. We've been making some really progressive changes lately and we're moving in the right direction. And all of it's driven by what's best for our students that we have here."

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