3 men arrested after allegedly stealing police vehicle, setting it on fire

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From left to right: Niree Holman, Jairo Rivera, Omar Rivera

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Three men were arrested Tuesday night after they allegedly stole a police vehicle and set it on fire.

Harrisburg Police were called to the 700 block of North 19th Street around 9 p.m. for a report of a fight. According to police, officers observed two males pulling out handguns from their waistbands. One of the males then racked the gun and pointed it at a female while telling her that he was going to kill her.

Officers jumped out of their vehicle and ordered the men to drop the guns — a foot chase ensued as the two men fled.

The officers lost sight of the suspects during the chase and returned to the area that their vehicle was parked, according to police.

They then noticed their vehicle was stolen.

A short time later, officers were told that a vehicle was on fire on Reels Lane at Lexington Street. Police say the vehicle was the 2002 Pontiac unmarked police vehicle that was stolen.

Officers stayed in the area and stopped three males that the victim identified as being the ones involved in the altercation earlier in the night.

Niree Holman, 20, and Jairo Rivera, 22, were identified as the two males who had the handguns, police say. Omar Rivera, 21, who was present during the incident, had one of the officer’s property that was left in the vehicle, in his pocket. All three were arrested.

Holman was charged with carrying a firearm without license, former convict not to possess a firearm and simple assault-physical menace.

Jairo Rivera faces charges of carrying a firearm without license, escape, simple assault-physical menace and disorderly conduct.

Omar Rivera was charged with arson, two counts of receiving stolen property, escape and disorderly conduct.