South Central Task Force conducts civil unrest training for emergency responders

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MANHEIM, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- Senator Scott Martin will hold a press conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss safety concerns to responders and municipalities during times of civil unrest.

This week, the South Central Task Force is holding two 3-day courses on "Field Force Extrication" for law enforcement officials, firefighters, and emergency medical officials.

The training consists of various techniques and tools to help emergency officials manage protest situations and ensure they do so without putting themselves or individuals at risk. For example, officials say first responders will learn how to safely remove individuals from different "unique protestor devices."

Officials say they are conducting the training amid the civil unrest in other parts of the country, but hope they never have to use it in Central Pennsylvania.

Senator Martin's press conference is scheduled for 1 p.m. at the Public Safety Training Center in Manheim, Lancaster County.